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The Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

Today’s parents are more concerned about the world and their children’s health than any generation ever before. More parents are taking immediate precautions for the health of their children and are choosing to only buy organic baby clothes. The recent growing trend is to reject any product that has been made with conventional cotton and synthetic materials. Now parents have become aware of the hazards chemicals and pesticides will have on both nature and humans.Industrialization of Clothing ManufacturingOver the last few centuries, companies had to come up with ways to mass produce clothing to meet the increasing demands for ready-made clothing. Using mass production methods in the industrialization of clothing manufacturing means a cotton t-shirt is no longer just a cotton t-shirt. Now it is an article of clothing that was been processed using pesticides, chemicals, flame retardants, ammonia, metals, formaldehyde, artificial dyes, and softeners.New ChoicesToday’s parents are avoiding any processed clothing and choose to buy only organic products. Organic means that the products do not contain any artificial agents, pesticides or chemicals. The process of making organic clothing does not begin with its manufacturing alone; it actually begins with how the cotton has been grown. The average t-shirt is made up of cotton that has been grown using harmful pesticides and chemicals. Organic clothing is grown free of pesticides and chemicals. Even the manure that is used for organic cotton is free from chemicals and pesticides. The techniques for green farming are the biggest reason why modern parents are now using only organic clothes for their children.Materials for Organic Baby ClothesBesides organic cotton, there are also other materials which are being used in the making of organic baby clothes. Included in these materials are organic bamboo fabric, and organic wool, which is necessary for winter clothing and blankets for babies. Each type of organic material will have its own individual feel and texture, giving you a wide variety of choices for your baby.Clothing which is made using organic bamboo has been gaining the interest of parents who only want to use products that are environmental friendly. The bamboo plant will actually renew itself every few years. This allows the bamboo to be harvested in a controlled manner which will not do any ecological damage. Clothing that is made out of bamboo is more durable because of the strength of the bamboo fibers. Bamboo fabric also is as soft as silk. This makes clothing made from bamboo a strong contender against the organic cotton products.Animals which are raised for organic wool are only fed organic food and grain. There is no genetic engineering or artificial hormones used on the sheep. The wool of the animals is only washed in pure organic and biodegradable detergents.Conventional Baby ClothesYou will be surprised when you learn about all the reasons why you should not use conventional baby clothes for your children. The main reason is the tremendous amount of pesticides which are used in the production of conventional cotton. In the US alone, farmers will use over 600,000 tons of pesticides and chemicals when growing cotton. Most people believe that these chemicals can be removed by washing the cotton during the manufacturing process. However, trace amounts of these chemicals will remain in the cotton. Organic cotton does not have this problem because the farmers will only use biological pest control on their crops.During the manufacturing of organic baby clothes, great care is used to be sure that no unnatural chemicals or materials will come in contact with the clothing. For the coloring of organic baby clothes, no synthetic dyes are used. Other chemicals, such as formaldehyde, will never be found in organic baby clothes.The young skin of babies is especially soft and sensitive. Babies have not yet developed an immune system to protect them like adults have. Baby clothes need to be free of allergens and other contaminates which will only irritate baby’s skin. Certain skin conditions, like eczema, are directly related to the chemical residue which remains in the fabric of the baby clothing. Because organic baby clothing does not contain chemicals, the risk of skin conditions have been eliminated.Buying Organic Baby ClothingWhen you buy organic baby clothing, you are buying the best products to ensure that your child will not be in contact with any harmful chemicals. You will also be helping the environment by keeping the chemicals and pesticides used in the production of conventional clothing out of the water supplies and the food chain.