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Art Schools In Boston

Boston is littered with schools of all kinds from large colleges to small institutes many of which are lined up one after the other in former row houses in quaint old brownstone neighborhoods. Art schools in Boston abound. The historical significance and cultural melting pot that make up Boston have attracted over a half million residents of varied tastes, ethnicities, and interests all willing to pack themselves into 49 bustling square miles. In such an environment the opportunities for pursuing an art career abound.Art schools in Boston offer a muse for anyone wanting to build a future as a creative professional. This is due in part to the setting of the city itself. From the Public Garden to the Boston Common to the waterfront, this walking friendly city offers inspiration at nearly every turn.The Art Institute’s New England Institute of Art, for example, offers art training in advertising, audio production, digital filmmaking and video production, fashion and retail management, graphic design, interior design, media arts and animation, photography, sound and motion picture technical arts, and web design and interactive media.Add to the above list architecture, art education, game design, illustration, fine art, and various music degrees from schools like Massachusetts College of Art, Boston University, Northeastern University, and Harvard, and that makes Boston truly a home for eclectic artistic expression. These are just a sampling of the opportunities available in one of America’s oldest cities.Lest you encounter detractors who attempt to discourage your pursuit of a fine art career, (“better keep your day job”…) bear in mind that everything from video games to magazines, from clothing to living spaces, and even food, all started in the mind of a creative professional. The demand for innovative thinking is only growing and a focused education can make you a part of this expanding field.Gone are the days when art media was limited to carving tools, sticks of graphite, paintbrushes, and paint. While those are still a staple in the art world, the technology of art is exploding at a dizzying pace. So, while instincts for color and composition are valuable skills, making a good living in art is becoming more and more dependent on technological savvy.This is where art schools have an advantage over liberal arts institutions and where Boston may have the advantage over other big city locals.In addition to art schools, Boston has rich collection of art museums: The Museum of Fine Arts, the Danforth Museum of Art, and the Harvard Art Museum to name a few. Why is that important? Because just as reading good writing makes one a better writer, exposure to fine art makes one a better artist.The environment of art schools in Boston encourages students to leave the beaten path, take “the road less traveled” and “work outside the box”. In this close-knit art and music community, students can revel in the sense of never doing the expected; all of which makes Boston a great city for creative innovators, budding artists of all disciplines, and intellectuals alike.